Attack of The Track : Yung Yizzo “Been Plottin”


Artist: Yung Yizzo

Reppin: Easton, PA

Style: Melody and Lyricism

Track: Been Plotting (Peer Pressure Album)

Understanding the game and the everyday grind of an aspiring artist trying to make it in a sometimes dark business is key to a successful and safe career in this music business and twice as hard for most indie artist. Politics, fake friends and snakes can also be added to the list of things you have to watch out for. Nerd Dreams Recording artist Yung YIzzo opens about some familiar obstacles on his new joint Been Plottin. From being on the road and dealing with the ones that hate on another mans hustle, the nerd emcee using hus music paints a perfect picture of the life, while finessing the beat with a rocking melody. Yizzo lays it all out on a super catchy hook that reminds his haters that he is ready and his plan has already been set. Chasing the life can be a great experience for up and coming emcees, the lights and hand shakes can sometimes blur an artists vision but the Easton PA emcee continues to stay focus and keep his awareness of how the game is really played. The multi talented emcee also gives thanks to his city and soon enough the world will be rocking with Nerd emcee

Been Plotting

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Hip Hop Review Podcast Episode 4 “The Evolution of The Mix Tape”

Indie Hip Hop Review Podcast Episode 4 “The Evolution of The Mix Tape” We pay homage to one of the most commonly used tools in the game today and discuss our experience in the mix tape gang. Also another batch of dope mixes from the underground featuring joints from Jay Electronica, J Flip, Barrion , Le’ Real , Infinito 2017 , Dusty Blunts , Ab Soul , Joey Bad A$$, and Side Effectz. Enjoy the show!



Are next host comes from KC , Missouri His name is Ish1da. At the time of this interview Ish1da was in the middle of writing his entry for Barfest taking a break between his 16.  We talk about music , hip hop and anime.

IHHR:So how long you been rapping?

Ish1da: I wrote my first rap in 1996, it was some bullshit environmental rap for school. But I actually started recording and shit in 2006.

IHHR: What was the first anime you ever watched?

Ish1da: Probably Dragonball or Sailor Moon, bakc when they came on regular TV in tha early 90’s. There was a Megaman anime and Super Book too that I used to watch

IHHR: Hell yea same here. Are you originally from Kansas City?

Ish1da: Yep, born and raised on tha Northside

IHHR: Who did you grow up listening to?

Ish1da: When I was real young my pops listened to a lot of blues and oldies, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Don McClean. When I first really got into rap it was mainly west coast shit like Snoop and Pac

IHHR: The good shit.

Ish1da: Hell yeah.

IHHR: How do you feel about hip hop as of now?

Ish1da: I don’t buy into tha whole hip-hop is dead thing, I think that it’s just a lot of tha really dope cats are underground. I fukc with a few mainstream cats too, Blakc Hippy is dope and when I wanna get ignorant I fukc with Waka Flocka lol
He a weeb too.

IHHR: I feel you. That’s why we fucks with emcees such as yourself. And 100% correct hip hop has not died it’s really just multiplied into different styles.

Which brings the next question. What would you call your style? I remember
someone saying Otaku Core or do you just see it as just another form of rap?

Ish1da: Oh man lol…So a lot of tha guys I fukc with avoid tha nerdcore label cuz they don’t want to be “boxed in” but personally, I embrace it. But I know a lot of old school and elitist nerdcore cats would probably say I’m not nerdcore because a lot of my music IS just hip-hop
But me personally, I see myself as nerdcore

IHHR: Nerd Core is dope because it’s always aggressive and lyrical. MC Chris , Kool Keith, Dr Octagon , Lord Quas even Doom. And then you there are these set of emcess rapping about Anime. Like Aziz Gibson and a ton on Soundcloud that I follow.

Ish1da: Azizi Gibson is that fukcing that dude

IHHR: So who have you worked with on a underground level?

Ish1da: I’ve worked with quite a few cats in that anime rap community but some of the bigger names I’ve worked with are KadeshFlow, got a song cooking for my album with Richie Branson and I got a trakc with Kutty Slitz, the founder of CES Cru
Then I do a ton of shit with my brothers in tha Moderators.

IHHR: And were you doing just regular raps before nerd core?

Ish1da: Yes and no, I’ve always had nerdy references here and there
And I mean I’ve dabbled in gangsta rap, conscious hip-hop and even Christian rap.

IHHR: When is your next project?

Ish1da: Well I’ve got an album I’ve been working on and recreating for a minute now called Let Me Otaku To You, but I also got a couple EPs cookin, one with RoboRob and one with the group I started in, Sangreal Nation produced by Banks
That second guy who rapped in tha Strongest is thae other member of Sangreal Nation
I also might drop another compilation mixtape like I Love Music soon

IHHR: Who would you consider collaborating with?

Ish1da: Alot of people haha, but I got some collabs coming real soon that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, Kryciz, LA Dub Z, Maikis and Le Real
One of my goals in life is to have Blakc Thought kill me on my own trakc

IHHR: Lmao thats most humbling thing ever. Respect tho..That’s like letting sensi chop your head off.

Ish1da: Lol exactly..He’s my second for my Seppuku

IHHR: What anime are you looking out for in 2016?

Ish1da: Food Wars season 2, man lol There’s this one I saw a clip of that looked sikc abut I can’t think of the name right now..Musaigen no Phantom World thats it!

IHHR: Nice

Ish1da: There’s this manga coming out right now called Platinum End Id love to see an anime of, they only have 2 chapters in so far but mark my words, it’s gonna get picked up in the future.

IHHR: I said the same about One Punch Man

IHHR: So what are your overall goals?

As far as music goes, I’d love to obtain that upper underground spot, you know. I don’t want actual fame and to be real my music isn’t really made for everybody, but that like Jedi Mind Tricks or those bigger nerdcore guys you named type spot would be tha shit

But no matter what happens I’m a keep making music, it’s just as much for myself as it is for my listeners.

Hip Hop  Editorial #14

Hosted By: Ish1da