“The Numerous Aromas of Lord Sizzle,” Lord Sizzles 2nd solo underground experimental hip hop album.The fandom type album is thick and wavy as well as colorful and melodic.The moment the reverb hits the aroma of Lord Sizzles love starts to take over and Sizzle’s rocking flow on Jee Jee produced by Korporal K throws you into a groove that sets the tempo for the lo-fi album. If Dj Screw and Captain Murphy were to meet in some wired alternate universe this would be the the end result. Sizzles taste in music , anime and all things that are nerdy makes this album a must have.


A personal favorite Spaceman Spliff produced by Driver is a pretty sweet groove almost a meditative chorus, Sizzle goes in alone as the one man stoner rhyming over the dream felt beat. Lord Sizzle plays on the senses with a perfect EQ of songs, another standout track was Gundam Slang / The Golden Revolt produced by Brayon Potillo is a S.L.A.B(Slow Loud and Banging) track, Lord Sizzle finesse the beat with a strong grim flow that would make Lil Keke proud. A strong down south influence really gives the EP a great balance of hip hop styles. Lord Sizzle choice in mechanics for his album are top shelf, this is evident on the smash track NAMEK FM produced by underground producer Ezekey.



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