Album Review:DismMissedfit “Indepence Day”

Deep lyricism with a fresh positive flow, DisMissedfit brings some rugged joints with a enjoyable EP “Independence Day.” A brash and very unorthodox rhyme scheme is very appealing, Ladders Dismissedfit wrecks a very off pitch beat with a drunken horn blaring Prod. by Tiny Beast.

Afterwards follow some knowledge darts on Ancient Knowledge Feat. Ish.E Prod By. E.Jacobs. Both emcees spit some heavy bars over a very dope beat.

The album has much quality and very rugged underground vibe. Featuring some of the best up and coming emcees and producers like Tensor , Chris Kush , Sage , Tiny Beats , E.Jacobs and ISH.E. We recommend this for underground heads looking for a new comer with great music and please make sure to follow and support DisMissedfit music and Indie Music!


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